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Do you guys accept brand affiliates? 

We sure do 🤍 to get involved, head to our website and click on our tab labeled "affiliate program". From their you can fill out a quick application! Expect to hear back from us in 1-3 days. 


Are your designs original? 

Yes! Babe & graphic designer @ashelydirkson has teamed up with us, taking inspiration from the our favorite designs and tailoring them to make them our own. Xx


How much weight can your handbag hangers hold? 

These baby's can comfortably hold 15 pounds!💪🏽⚡️


How does the handbag hanger not fall off the table? 

This one is hard one to explain, but in short, physics😂 there is also a non-slip mat on the flip side of the design which prevents the hanger from moving/slipping! 


How much is shipping? 

Hook and Honey is happy to offer all of our customers free shipping to all orders in the U.S 📦🤎


If you have any further questions that did not get answered here, please email